178. Provincetown Salon
28 x 38"
This tableau imagines a meeting of Provincetown notables in the 20th century. (Actually those shown were rarely if ever contempories.) From the left, John Reed, Norman Mailer, and Tennessee Williams. T.W. and Eugene O'Neill (in the foreground) were playwrights. Reed witnessed the Bolshevik revolution, and wrote "Ten Days that shook the World." Warren Beatty played Reed in the film "Reds." The setting is the 2nd-floor porch of "The Crown and Anchor" hotel.

The right table is occupied by abstract expressionist artists: Hans Hoffman, Helen Frankenthaler, and Robert Motherwell. (Motherwell and Frankenthaler were married for a time; it didn't work out.)

These people would only have been in P'Town in the season. They would have been in New York or elsewhere in the winter, when P'Town completely empties out.

A record of the painting of this picture can be seen at


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